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About The Artist



Toria Summerville is a real life human pretzel from Ajax, Ontario. She is trained in a number of disciplines including hand-balancing, dance, acting, acrobatics, aerial arts and specializes in contortion.


Also known as Flexy-T, Toria began her journey as a multi-time award-winning dancer. At a young age, she possessed rare natural flexibility beyond that of the average person, which came along with some health complications. Her doctors discovered she was born with a rare genetic connective tissue disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She then transferred her skills over into the realm of circus arts with the aim of developing her strength to manage the chronic-illness and explore her talents in new ways. Little did she know at the time that she would be privileged enough to turn her disability into her full-time career. 


Her career thus far has seen her performing across North America with a myriad of talent companies (Cirque Revolution, Illuminair Entertainment, Zacada Circus, Trellis Entertainment, Zero Gravity Circus, Hit & Run Productions, The Idea Hunter, among others). She has dazzled large audiences at high profile events such as being the featured act for the Halftime Show at The Raptors game on Halloween night, and she can be seen performing her act as a contestant on Season 2 of Canada’s Got Talent on CityTV.


In addition, Toria has found her passions expanding for acting in the more recent years. She has been a full union member of ACTRA since 2022. Her most recent credits include; acting and performing contortion stunts in the Netflix Documentary “The Devil On Trial”, Amazon Studio’s “Gen V”, Eli Roth’s Virtual Reality Experience “Trick VR Treat”, Netflix's "Umbrella Academy", The Documentary about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome “Bend or Break”, "Davey & Jonesie's Locker", “American Gods”, “What we do in the Shadows”, and is featured in music videos for Kandle Osborne’s indie-hit “Bender”, and can be found in Gabriela Bee’s “Like 2 Like”.

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